My name is Brian. I’m a print journalism senior at the University of Houston. I hope to become a better journalist by doing journalism on local journalism, which will hopefully kill two birds with one stone: learning how to be an investigative reporter and learning about the field I am entering into.

Houston’s media doesn’t get into the national spotlight very often, and so it seems somewhat shielded from much media criticism. I hope to change that and provide our papers with some good external oversight.
Local media to be criticized include Houston Business Journal, Houston Press, Houston Chronicle, The Daily Cougar, and many other smaller-circulation publications and school newspapers.
Besides criticizing, I hope to engage all of those interested in our local media in creating a public discourse and improving our media. Unlike many in the mainstream media, I value commenters – even those who don’t seem to have anything nice or insightful to say. If you take the time to leave a comment, that means you care at least a little and we’re in the same boat.
I hope to get a lot of people in our boat and get a local media revolution started. People often don’t care because they feel powerless to change things, and hopefully, through a collectively loud voice, people involved in this blog will feel they can be heard and have an impact, and they will begin to feel empowered again.


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