UH Super-Easy-Exam Scandal Update

I just clicked a link in my old blogpost about the easiest class I’ve ever taken – a journalism class taught by a public relations person – to see if the link still worked. To my surprise, not only did the link to his plagiarized lesson still work – but this plagiarized gem was made available by Mr. Higginbotham.

Some think that if they change a few words, they are not guilty of plagiarism or copyright infringement. That, of course, is false. The idea cannot be copyrighted, but the words can, so to use that information and avoid infringement, it would be necessary to extensively rewrite the copy in your own words.”

Click to see where this professor, who was warned about plagiarism recently, oh-so-ironically-and-stubbornly plagiarized the paragraph from:

Notice he didn’t bother to change any of the words.  Nor did he bother to cite  the site that he stole the previous paragraph, as well as much more, from.

My guess is the professor, when faced with my accusations via the dean, asked himself what they expected for $3,000 per course.  Or maybe he just thought they don’t really care.  After all, UH doesn’t mind using public relations (anti-journalism) experts to teach senior level journalism courses, even after they are caught not attributing the sources from their hastily compiled course ‘lessons’ and not making exams above a 6th grade level.  So why should they care much if he plagiarizes someone’s explanation of plagiarism?


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