1. I got a text recently from Reesha saying good job and that she had been fired from the daily cougar. I had mixed feelings about it – knowing that it wasn’t just her fault, but the overall system that puts a lot of pressure on journalists.  Not to mention the overall merging of advertising/marketing/public relations – where this kind of incident would probably help a resume rather than hurt it – and journalism.  PR and journalism students go to the same college and even take some of the same classes together.

Either way – my blog was successful in helping to achieve what I told Dr. Camaj I wanted to do on day one – “get some bad editors and reporters in trouble.” By fighting bad journalism with good journalism, I have not only honed my skills, but had a real impact.  Good job, me.

Sidenote: Besides Reesha, Matt Dulin, Mohammed, and myself – no one has said thanks for helping the newspaper by going beyond my duties as an unpaid reporter.  When I recently caught a burglar  breaking into my neighbor’s apartment, my landlord gave me 100$ and a card signed by his whole family.  The snotty college kids whose laptops, etc. I saved and [I think] went to UH – didn’t even say thanks.  This ties into my obsession regarding our education system being a joke and so called professionals really being no more honest or decent than your average person.  Would you thank someone who informed you of their boss/your employee plagiarizing or doing a bad job – essentially doing your job?  Or would you unofficially fire them like Jack Wehman did with me last semester when I told him he should fire a previous editor (his friend) for poor performance?

2. The election for the daily cougar editor in chief is up. Do you want to keep jack wehman, who has very little substantial journalism to show for his salary, choice of staff, and expensive training trip? Apparently they can’t even pull down a plagiarized story or run a correction. I emailed them about this Nov. 6th and this most obvious example is still up, along with however many I didn’t find (not being a high paid employee who has the will to dedicate himself completely to this task.) I guess I was right in my original post when I said “I doubt they will even run a retraction/correction.”
Oh and their website says it’s Nov 17 right now. They can’t even get the date right! How many students didn’t go to school today because they looked at the date on there?  How many didn’t go pick up their grandparents from the airport, leaving them to be beaten and robbed while traversing to a hotel? Too many if you ask me.

3. I have had zero emails for the contest.  I didn’t think I was asking that much – paying for local media criticism…from journalism students, but oh well!  Contest ends Dec. 1st.  2 more weeks!


3 responses to “Updates”

  1. mohammed504 says :

    Hey Brian..I was reading an article in the Daily Cougar today in the sports section. I also read the sports section in Yahoo! News since its my favorite. I was shocked when I saw the EXACT same story printed in the Cougar



    The Cougar…


    • Brian Jansen says :

      good catch! but i’m afraid we’re gonna have to throw it back.
      Yahoo cited Uwire – which is a compilation of college media stories. They just didn’t put Brannen’s name for some reason.

      I appreciate that you are keeping an eye out though – poor journalism is more prevalent than people think and if you keep on paying attention I’m sure you’ll find some.


  2. mohammed504 says :

    What do you suggest we do regarding this?

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