Houston-Media Watchdog Contest

Media Watchdog Contest
I said in my Intro post that part of the mission of this blog is to create a community of media critics who will help improve our local media. I want to incentivize this by offering a prize of 20$ the first 2 people who provide an analysis of a serious problem in the local media – whether it be plagiarism, poor analysis, incorrect facts, or anything else you feel is indicative of a big problem. If it’s a minor problem – such as bad spelling and grammar, I still encourage you to post for the sake of helping these deficiencies come to light.
Sunshine is the best disinfectant, but I can only look at so many things. That’s why I encourage everyone who feels they have found a significant problem in the media to come here and share about it. Anyone who thinks they have a good story for the 20$ Journalism Watchdog contest prize should email me to negotiate the prize value – which is adjustable based on how much effort you put into analysis and how well written it is.
There is a 5$ bonus prize if you and/or your piece has a demonstrable, positive impact on the problem it addresses.

The Daily Cougar and other school publications should be the easiest place to find big problems, so they won’t receive as much prize money. The larger the audience of the publication(s) that is/are analyzed, the higher the reward will be.
Also remember this is just for Houston media.
So that’s 50$ up for grabs out of my broke-college-student-wallet!
I look forward to your emails.



2 responses to “Houston-Media Watchdog Contest”

  1. Jeb Schneider says :

    Brother you have a tiger by the tail here…I applaud your efforts and your courage in attempting top work from the inside.
    It is neccesary to shine the sun on these issues. I felt the mainstream media has become nothing more than a shill for the marketers. There is hardly any real reporting going on. News conferences used to be for jouranlists to dissect and disseminte the pr from the truth. Now the press conferences are shown live and are mostly presented as fact. Journalism needs to return to its roots as the Fourth pillar of a democracy. I fear though that “journalism” itself is going to dissapear forever to be known as “media”. First as print media then simply as media. It is distinct and the only vessel that has the space to disseminate quality indepth reporting. The future may only allow this if the makers of tide see their proper product placement.

    Keep uo the good work.

    • Brian Jansen says :

      I agree – our media is pitiful and the investigative role is vanishing.
      Interesting theories…I share the same cynicism completely and the hollowing out/redefinition of what the role of journalism is does sound very possible.
      You can see how well public relations people can control language here at UH with their Tier One campaign – they can just make up this vague bs that people don’t even understand and promote the hell out of it and it’s suddenly a part of UH culture. Scary stuff.

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