The mind of an editor

What goes on in the mind of an editor? Is it deep? Is it interesting? Is it deserving of the great power afforded to it?

The duty to enhance democracy – through mass education on important issues, providing a platform for debate and conducting watchdog investigations –  is very important and should be afforded the utmost respect and scrutiny.
How can we ever know what’s on these powerful gatekeepers’ minds, and if they deserve the respect given to them?

Social media is a place where people may feel safe to come out and express their true selves. Some of the material they say there may be misinterpreted without understanding who the person is…
That being said – I leave it to readers to determine the level of depth and intelligence of the following comments, which were found on Editor in Chief – Jack Wehman’s Twitter account last semester.
This wasn’t due to an intense interest in Jack, but rather to my finding his Twitter due to him linking The Daily Cougar on his Twitter’s description next to “Something Witty, Something Clever, My Name’s Jack, and I’m An Editor.”

Feel free to comment on how witty and clever these Tweets are. Keep in mind these were posted on a Twitter account that represented The Daily Cougar and implied he was an editor there.  He was representing the school paper when he said all of these things. Here’s a screenshot.

Jack Wehman – Editor in Chief of The Daily Cougar:

Fuck the Kemah boardwalk. I just sat in traffic for thirty minutes so you can dress your dog in costume? Kill yourself.
Texas weather making sense. Seriously, rain all day? Fuck you, God.

I wouldn’t be so pissed about the Heat losing if it wasn’t for every asshole in Dallas celebrating right now. Fuck you, and fuck Dallas too.
Osama is dead? Then who has been working at the Mini-Mart all these years? #confused

These retarded seat belt commercials make me want to be on safe just so this stupid woman will be wrong. #fuckoff
When did Alabama get good at like every sport? Fuck that. I hope the tide rolls over their campus Katrina-style. #stillbitteroverColtsdemise

Good beer, a gun range and friends make for a legitimately good way to forget about everything else in life.

Acting like an asshole in a suit and getting away with it is about the only perk a white person still has.
  #chrisbrownneedsto see that he’s a worldwide TT, realize we all hate him and put the shotgun in his mouth.

Outraged? Indifferent? Somewhere in between? Comments are appreciated.
Keep in mind this person is in charge of content at a student newspaper that expends the better part of the Student Publication’s $800,000+ a year and had zero competition in his “election.”

Could the problem be stifling bureaucracy keeping truly gifted people from reaching positions of power where they might threaten the status quo and actually investigate things?

A journalist armed with the Investigative Reporter’s Handbook, and who cares more about truth than tradition, might investigate the school and point out flaws-  even without getting  paid vacations to go learn about investigating at fancy seminars, like our friend Mr. Wehman did this summer.

Despite this expensive, student-funded educational voyage, there remains to be seen any substantial investigation at the school paper.  Perhaps Mr. Wehman is too busy tweeting his clever observations or drinking alcohol while he fires guns.


4 responses to “The mind of an editor”

  1. mohammed504 says :

    Good Job on this one. Its unfortunate that these people represent the media for our school.

  2. Brian Jansen says :

    Thanks. I agree – we need to change the system so that there is more visibility and choice for the elections of the school paper editor in chief.

  3. Vanessa says :

    WOW!!!! That is pretty much the only thing that comes to mind right now. I can not believe he would say these kinds of things and still “represent” the school paper. It is sad that this happens in a lot of places not just here.

    I would say this is the perfect example of what NOT to do with a social media page when you are representing something important.

    • Brian Jansen says :

      I agree – very unprofessional.
      The election is in 2 days. Feel free to stop by and voice your opinion to the Student Publication Committee who will be picking the Spring 2012 editor.

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